My name is Wu Pei Fen. I was born in a very ordinary family. My father is a mechanic in a small iron factory and my mother is a housewife. After I was 20, I never took a dime from my family and worked alone in Hsinchu. It took more than 15 years (this is very rare in Taiwan). I try hard to learn from my work, and it is my interest to use my break time to study. I believe that people need continuous learning and then could be able to find their different characteristics at different stages. When I was admitted to the Institute’s in-service class in 2012, although there were several years of extracurricular studies to expand in other areas, as long as I had my hands-on work and studies, my teachers, my supervisors, always gave me highly recognition! This is the basic principle of my personal work criteria:

Life is like travel

You can choose to travel with a group or on your own